Marketing your property to sell

There’s a lot to consider when you’re preparing to sell your home. It’s important to consider all options carefully, as you’re only fresh to the market once and therefore only have one opportunity to create a first impression.

Right now, online search on sites such as, and is higher than it has ever been. Importantly, listing levels remain low, implying a healthy rate of absorption from buyers. In other words, there is far more demand than there is supply and as we see the back end of COVID-19, there’s never been a better time to consider selling your home.

Luckily, we’re experts when it comes to selling your place in Brisbane. In this article, we run through what great sales campaigns have in common to help you get the best price for your home, as stress free as possible.


Method of Sale

In Australia, there are four strategies to consider when selling your home: private treaty, auction, tender and expressions of interest. Deciding which method will generate the most benefit for your homes sales campaign is something your local agent will be able to guide you on.

At Place, we firmly believe in the Power of Auctions. The benefits are bountiful; increased competition, buyer urgency, a focus on the features and benefits (not the price), the likelihood of unconditional contracts, and, more often than not, a quicker sale. Sellers are also protected with a reserve price or lowest accepted bid meaning any fear of it being sold under market value is eradicated.

We also recently introduced our ‘Off-Market’ option, which adds a fundamental layer of exclusivity to your property in the first stage of the selling process. This means your property isn’t just one of thousands, it’s in a qualified buyer’s inbox.



Since Place opened its doors in 2002, the key to our success has been the emphasis we place on high quality marketing. It’s the cornerstone of our business and allows our brand and our clients to stand out in the crowd.

When you sell a property through Place, the campaign is managed by our inhouse advertising agency, Idealist, who work to market your home to the highest possible standard and are meticulous in doing so.

The power of the brand in the marketplace is incredibly important. It is our job to ensure your property looks, feels and sounds better than the competition and stands out above them. The people of Brisbane see Place as the experts and the voice of the Brisbane residential property market with more media coverage than any other agency in Brisbane. In the last 10-months alone, we’ve been asked to feature in more than $10 million of free PR, with the closest competitor achieving just $5 million (Isentia, 2020). When you consider that our network makes up 14 of the 1000 odd real estate offices in Brisbane, that number speaks volumes.



Have you ever heard of the first moment of truth? It’s a phenomena that says any consumer notices a product and decides whether to investigate further in a window of 3 – 7 seconds. When it comes to property, anyone viewing it online, or driving past, needs to be intrigued or have an initial positive impression made in that matter of time, before they move on. Because of this, our team understand what recommendations to make before your property hits the market, in order to ensure your perfect buyer engages.

It’s also why we provide bespoke digital advertising across the Google and Facebook networks, offering a cost-effective way to advertise your property to tens of thousands of people and why we create careful considered videos highlighting particular elements of your home. Depending on the home, we may also recommend property styling as it has a true knack for perfectly curating spaces to make your property shine. At the end of the day, our goal is to find the right buyer for your home and we know how to make that happen.


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Pricing Strategy

While it might seem obvious, there’s actually quite a bit of science that goes into deciding on the advertised price for a property. This is where your local agent comes in. Somewhere between vendor expectations, consistent with market value, and of course striving for a premium outcome, is where the ideal price for you home lies.

At Place Estate Agents, our mission is to be Brisbane’s #1 real estate expert. That’s why we employ industry experts in every avenue of this great city to make sure your property needs are met, no matter the task. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the latest property news subscribe to our weekly eNewsletter below.



Article by Daisy Hicks

Article by Place Newmarket

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