Top three home styling trends for 2021 | Pinterest Predicts

Home styling tips, dream wedding plans, irresistible recipes – chances are, you’ve turned to Pinterest for new ideas at least once. A brilliant source that breaks down exactly what we’ve been searching, the site’s annual ‘Pinterest Predicts’ report has revealed some fabulous home styling trends for this year. Curious? Scroll down for more…



Introducing… the cloffice, more commonly referred to as a study nook. Inspired by the need to work from home during 2020, people are seeking out spaces in their abodes that typically serve as cupboards, wardrobes or blank walls and transforming them into functional office spaces.  

What makes a space a ‘cloffice’? Find a cosy and otherwise unused nook and bring in handy storage solutions. Whether it’s under a staircase, in a converted cupboard or a corner of the home that you didn’t know what to do with, ensure these two boxes are ticked and you’re onto a winner! 

Japandi style

The latest minimalist look to make it big, the ‘Japandi’ trend combines the functionality of the Scandi aesthetic with rustic Japanese elements. It’s all about celebrating sleek lines, calming colour palettes and nature-based design elements that evoke a sense of Zen.  

To bring this look into your home, introduce wooden textures in your furnishings and adorn your abode with soft linens. Also, adopt the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to decorating your residence and invest in quality pieces crafted with attention-to-detail. 

Sensational shelving

Shelving has been around for a long time but in 2021 it’s really having a moment. Rather than using these spaces as spots to store random junk, this year we’re looking to make our shelving a way to showcase stunning pieces. 

In the kitchen, embellish your open shelves with colourful dinnerware, clay plates, copper cookware and beautiful glassware. Got a blank canvas in the living room? Go for stacked books, vases, candles and treasures from your travels. Go on, show ‘em what you’ve got.  


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