Simple and beautiful ideas for a cosy winter-ready home

As the weather gets cooler, it’s natural to start daydreaming of escaping to a warm retreat! Follow these three fabulous ideas to create a home that’s just as cosy as a steaming mug of hot chocolate…  


Colour theory

A tried and tested way of creating a cosy environment is to utilise a colour palette inspired by warm autumnal tones. Both timeless and on-trend, hues such as burnt oranges, rusty browns, mustard yellows, deep burgundies, calming neutrals and sage greens evoke feelings of being in a rustic hinterland lodge or a quaint country cabin. Paired with clean whites and simple neutrals, these tones can look utterly stunning.  

Whether your property’s aesthetic is more modern and minimalistic than traditional and charming, there are many ways you can bring these hues into your styling. If your budget allows it, embrace a colourful accent wall – remember, deep tones such as burgundy or rich emerald green will make walls appear closer and create a ‘cocooned’ atmosphere.

Furnishings and eye-catching statement pieces also have great impact, while showcasing a seasonal colour palette in your cushions, throw rugs and decorative items is a more approachable way of switching up your home’s look.  

It’s also important to give thought to the colour of your lighting. Avoid white-hued LED lights and, instead, opt for warm-glow options that are softly diffused. For your accent pieces, seek out aged metallics and gold accents, rather than cold-toned chromes and silvers.  


Time to get tactile

Creating a warm environment is about more than just turning on the heater or lighting a candle. The feel of plush and soft textures reminds us of being cosy and comfortable, bringing forth memories of experiences such as snuggling into bed or hugging a fluffy pet.  

Take cues from this and warm up your interiors by layering soft textures – think plush cushions, fluffy rugs and cuddly blankets. Natural accents like rattan, leather, linen, timber and sheepskin are also effective and help to blur the lines between a home’s indoors and outdoors. One last tip? Adorn your windows with sheer curtains, then add heavier drapes to create another textural element.  



Clutter is good

Today, ‘clutter’ can seem like a negative thing (we’re looking at you, minimalism) but adding a few favourite ornaments to a space can instantly make it feel more cosy. Before you go overboard and decorate every available surface, give thought to how it all looks together and consider curating vignettes instead. A small stack of books, flickering candles, blooms from the garden – they can all work together (or on their own) to inspire positivity and make a space look less sparce. 

If building new or renovating, think about adding integrated shelving or even a windowseat to create cosy ‘niches’ (read more on how to create the perfect breakfast nook here). Displaying cherished photos or art pieces in a gallery-style configuration is another fantastic idea, promising to make you feel right at home whenever you enter the space.  




Article by Emily Russ

Article by Place Newmarket

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