Getting your pool summer ready: Expert tips and tricks

Summer is here, it’s heating up in Brisbane and these warmer days mean weekends spent lazing by the pool!

Dive into these expert tips and tricks from David Wright, the Manager of Service and Retail at Poolwerx’s Newstead, who shared his advice for how to prep your pool for summer.

What is your top tip for keeping a pool clean and healthy? 

Be sure to maintain your pools water level and if possible, get your pool water tested monthly at a pool store.

How regularly should you be getting your pool serviced?

Ideally, you should be getting your pool serviced by a professional provider every four weeks.

If you think that something is not right with your pool, be sure to get it inspected by a pool professional.

What are the ‘tells’ of an unhealthy pool?

There are a few signs of an unhealthy pool, but the most common and easiest to recognise are poor water movement, if your pool has an opaque, cloudy colour or a pool that appears green.

Other tells to keep an eye on are if you have sore eyes after swimming which usually means the pH level is too high and lastly, if you feel ‘tingly’ whilst swimming. Contact a pool service professional if you have experienced any of these tells!

What are some cleaning products that you would recommend?

I would recommend tile and vinyl cleaner for the waterline, clarifiers for crystal clear water and more effective auto cleaning and a stabiliser for the chlorine in the water is a must in my books!

Ensure you set a budget aside each year for pool cleaning products, equipment, and repairs. Everyone has their own budgeting strategies, but I would recommend a budget of $500 per year.

Any myths that should be busted about pool cleaning?

There is no such thing as a chlorine free pool. Any pool system can convert to a mineral pool. A salt pool is also a chlorine pool as it produces its own chlorine. A monthly pool service provided by a pool store will not keep your pool clean until they return one month later, you should also be cleaning and maintaining your pool between visits or increase services as required.

Letting the pool go green over winter is not good for your equipment or the pools surface!

What is a good cleaning routine that pool owners should aim to follow?

It’s important to brush the water line once a week to help dissolve and disperse the chemicals around your pool. This will also minimise stains and algae build-up around your pool.

Additional tasks to add to your chore list include dip testing the pools chlorine levels, emptying the skimmer and pump baskets weekly and cleaning the filters monthly. In some instances, you will need to empty the skimmer and pump baskets daily, depending on where you live and the location of your pool.

What is the most important pool tip leading into the warmer months?

Enjoy your pool and have fun!

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